Feminine hygiene

Written by Suman Bijlani.


How do you maintain hygiene in such an intimate area?

The intimate area is more sensitive to infections because of the following reasons:

Hence this area needs specific care and attention. The basic trick is to keep the intimate area as dry as possible.

Tips to maintain intimate hygiene:


What are the problems that women face there during the monsoons?

During monsoon, excessive humidity in the air leads to growth of fungi which can cause yeast infection. Besides, you may not get a chance to change damp clothing.

During floods, wading through waist deep water can cause direct infection of the vagina.

What are the myths that you would like to dispel about hygiene associated with the vagina as a health expert?

Talc should be used daily.

Scrub hard so that you are cleaner.

Douching keeps you clean.

Is water and the soap the best solution or not?

The vagina is acidic and naturally has healthy bacteria which protect us from infections. Soaps are alkaline and this may disturb this delicate pH balance and the healthy vaginal bacteria.

Also, some soaps are harsh and may cause irritation.

The delicate area needs a gentle pH balanced cleanser which protects better against harmful bacteria and fungi.