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Gynaecological Counselling

What is gynaecological counselling?

While there are myriads of internet sites offering information about almost every ailment there is, it is important to understand how this information applies to YOU. Because your case is unique and only an experienced gynaecologist can tell you what is good for you, or what chances you have! For example, these are certain questions you may have in your mind, depending on what your gynaecological problem is. The answers to many of these questions would differ from person to person. Which is why we give YOU the unique opportunity to get the answers you are seeking!

Sometimes your doctor may not have the time to patiently answer your queries. At Gyneguide, we try to bridge the gap between the doctor and patient so that you can take educated decisions vis-à-vis your own health.

These are some of the questions to which you may be seeking answers.


  • How long do I need to take medicines?
  • Will I have problems conceiving?
  • When will my periods become normal?
  • How can I lose weight easily?
  • Will laser treatment work for my excess hair?
  • Will ovarian drilling help me conceive?
  • Should I continue treatment during pregnancy and after delivery?



  • Can fibroids be cured with medicines?
  • Do I have to undergo surgery?
  • If yes, do I need to remove the fibroid(s) or my uterus?
  • What should I choose? Laparoscopy or abdominal surgery?
  • Will the fibroid(s) affect my chances of conception?
  • Will my fibroid(s) affect my baby? Or will my pregnancy cause the fibroid(s) to grow?
  • What are the risks of surgery? Will surgery harm my chances of conception?
  • Will the fibroids return after surgery?


  • I have chocolate cysts in my ovaries. Should I get operated? Can they be treated with medication?
  • If yes, for how long will I need to take them?
  • What are the success rates?
  • Will the cysts come back after surgery? What is the risk of recurrence? How can I prevent that?
  • What are my chances of conception after surgery?
  • How soon should I try to conceive after surgery?


  • Is there any other simpler way? Do I HAVE to go in for test tube baby?
  • Should I undergo IVF or ICSI?
  • What is the procedure like? I would like to know in details.
  • What are the success rates we should expect?
  • What is the preparation (any tests) needed before going in for test tube baby?
  • Are there any risks associated with the procedure?
  • How many visits do I have to pay? How many times does my husband have to accompany me?

High risk pregnancy

  • I have high blood pressure/diabetes. What precautions should I take?
  • There is less fluid in my womb. How can I ensure a healthy baby?
  • My baby is not growing well. Why has this happened? Can I do something about it?
  • My doctor has told me to undergo caesarean section. I need a second opinion.
  • I have consumed some medicines in pregnancy. I didn’t realise I was pregnant. will the medicines harm my baby? Can I continue my pregnancy?


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