Dr Suman Bijlani, Gynaecologist, Sonologist, Infertility Specialist, Obstetrician and Laparoscopic Surgeon, Mumbai.


 I think Gyneguide Clinic is doing very good work because today this kind of Counselling / consultation for women especially teenagers females is very must .

 Dr. Suman is very good doctor and also good woman, good counsellor and got charmastic personality that person whoever come in her contact get inspired.

 All The Best and My best Wishes too.
- Anuja Mestry


 The most important person without whom there would have been no Gyneguide i.e. Dr Suman Bijlani, the owner & creator of Gyneguide. She has thought something really different for patients regarding giving satisfaction & proper knowledge of one’s illness along with proper treatment. She never hesitates going a step ahead for her patients. She is committed, caring & will be there for you. She is full of positivity & that adds to her treatment.

 "With her, you are in complete safe hands."She gives her best. She will not let her patients down. That is what makes Dr Suman Bijlani "The Best" & Gyneguide "Unique".

 The staff are very courteous, helping & create a friendly ambience. A proper call with confirmation of our appointments is done in advance. Proper time, privacy & special attention would make you feel comfortable & at ease.
- Dr. Tazveen Shaikh


 Dear Dr. Suman,
 Having surgery is scary, but the personal touch at Gyneguide made all the difference. I got a lot of helpful information about my health and knew Dr. Suman would support me throughout the process.
 Thanks so much! Best wishes...
- Jaeda


 After going through experience of Doctors barely spending minutes with patient, the comfort of Gyneguide where Dr Suman actually connects with the patients is really awesome. Medical attention that comes with a sense of concern helps in building patient confidence. Kinds to Dr Suman Bijlani and the entire team at Gyneguide and I wish them all the best for all endeavours.

- Kanchan Patil


 I was introduced to Dr. Suman by my sister-in-law. She had excellent experience here and all the credit goes to Dr Suman for her guidance because of whom we have been gifted with sweetest niece. Doctor’s experience and knowledge is tremendous and she is so famous that I happen to read her articles in best selling newspaper. Her way of dealing with patients is very neat and simple. She tries her best to make me comfortable and relaxed. There is always a sigh of relief after talking to her every time. I am sure she will guide me in the best way she can. I and my husband are hoping for a wonderful journey here which will give us tremendous joy in the end with our First Child.
- Swati Pevekar


 It is an excellent experience with Gyneguide. I had lost hopes of getting pregnant. After taking 1 year’s treatment with various gynaec, by every going time I was getting upset. With Dr Suman guidance and help I had hopes of getting pregnant and today I am pregnant .The Staff at her clinic are excellent. The service, communication and advice help is too good, apart from pregnancy related advices, Dr Suman has various facilities helpful for mother and the child future like knowledge like Stem cell and the benefit of it, Yoga, Seminars and many other facilities. Thanks to Dr. Suman for all her guidance
- Shobha. D. Pardesi



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